About Me

I was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1962. I have lived my life in Adelaide, Mount Gambier and Victor Harbor and have 5 beautiful sons.

Even as a young child I remember being interested in the spiritual world. I have had some amazing experiences throughout my life time.

I was always very close with all my family members and still are today. One particular family member, my Nanna, I was very close to. Just before Easter in 1979 I was coming home from work and I instinctively bought my mother an Easter card with a very deep message, which is something I normally wouldn’t do and I bought her a bunch of Boronia flowers.

On the Thursday before Good Friday I was sitting at home with my mother, when I had a very sharp pain in my chest which lasted for about 5 minutes. It felt like I was having a heart attack.

About an hour later my father came home with the devastating news that my Nanna had just passed away from a heart attack. I felt her pain but strangely enough after that I felt very much at peace and I ‘knew’ she was around us. Her favourite flowers were also Boronias and I had already given my mother that bunch of flowers earlier that day with the card that said,

“May God be with you this Easter”.

I could just about write a book on all the amazing events that I have seen and felt in my lifetime. I also have a knack for finding lost objects. I can visualise where they are sitting and have a high success rate in finding things. My family have now nicknamed me “the spook”.

I always knew that I had the ability to use my sixth sense, but it wasn't until around 1990 that I joined a meditation group and really learnt to tap into the energies and learn how to use them more efficiently. I am just like a lot of people, I have had good and bad events in my life and have suffered with the loss of those close to me, but I have always had the ability to bounce back quickly and look at a situation with a positive attitude.

I have met the most amazing people from all over the world through the work I have been doing and hope to keep on learning and developing my skills in the years to come.