Q. Do you see dead people? 

I can see energies in my home and around people. Sometimes they are very clear, like a transparent person standing there and sometimes they come straight to my mind and I ‘feel’ them. I can see colours around people in their aura’s and can ‘feel’ people’s emotions. When I start a reading, I usually try and connect to someone for the client who they will recognise. This is through my ‘minds eye’ and I can see them and describe them. Some energies will give me a lot of information and some won’t give very much, it depends on the both of us really. John Edwards once described it as ‘they lower their energies and I raise mine and we kind of meet in the middle”!

Some people have been disappointed in the past when they have not heard from their late mother or father, but a great grandfather who they never met will come through. I find this can be solved, by asking the psychic in the first place to connect with a certain relative first and not just leaving it up to the psychic to find someone who will come through.

I try and describe it as walking into the Universe and calling out a persons name and hoping the right spirit will come forward! You can just imagine how many energies are out there waiting to connect with people!

AuthorLlama Blue