Vicki Button will bring you
A greater understanding of yourself


Vicki has been working and studying in the metaphysical fields for the past 30 years.

She realised her ability to pick up the energies around others, from a very early age. Vicki can see visually in her mind what is around you now and what is coming up in your future.  She can connect with those who have passed over and connect with your soul to help you see where you need spiritual guidance.

Vicki has been involved with meditation classes and has learnt techniques in reflexology, relaxation techniques, hands on healing and holds a First Degree certificate in Ki-Force and is a current member of AMpA (Australian Metaphysical Association).  Vicki also work's in the field of house clearings where she can go into somebodies home and feel the spirit or spirits who are with them, be it a relative who has passed over or an entity who has attached itself to the people or house.

Vicki has clairvoyant skills which she uses to help others reach their full potential.

There are two types of psychic readings available with Vicki Button, Psychic & Medium

Vicki will connect with a persons energies and she will receive messages or visualisations which she can then relay to help you find the direction you are looking for.

Vicki is an empathetic reader and puts the client’s wellbeing before anything else. At present, Vicki is offering email readings from a photo of the client.

General Reading

A general reading with up to 3 questions answered.
Cost $50.00

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Yearly Forecast

A forecast for the year that lays ahead with as many questions as you want covered.

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