Vicki is offering readings via email or messenger. Her work is very accurate as an automatic writer and she doesn’t need to see anyone in the flesh to be able to read their energy. Vicki does not offer face to face readings as she is distracted by body language and because she works out of her home, she keeps her home/family life private from her work life. She gets exactly the same messages if you were standing in front of her to what she reads from your photo because she connects to your energy, this also makes it easy for Vicki to have clients from all over the world. When Vicki connects to your energy, she will feel your emotions and be given visual images of what is happening around you now and coming up in your future. She will receive messages to help you with guidance to make choices which are for your higher good.

Once you make a purchase, a photo of yourself is emailed to Vicki with any questions you want direction with and Vicki will then use her psychic ability to connect to you and give you the answers that have come through for you. Giving a bit of detail with each question certainly helps Vicki to have a much clearer connection. You are not giving away any secrets by telling Vicki if you are single or in a relationship, or what your job is, it is not important to test her with mind reading, you are paying money for guidance and future visions, so explaining your current situation is only going to be more helpful for yourself.

Once you hit a buy now button below you will be directed to PayPal.  After you have made payment, please email Vicki at with a current photo of yourself, your full name, date of birth and the questions you want direction with.  Vicki will send a confirmation email before doing the reading.  Most readings are completed within a day or two.



There are several different types of readings being offered.

1/  Email Reading

A general reading via email with up to 3 questions answered. This type of reading only takes Vicki about 1/2 hour and will only answer the 3 questions asked.

Cost $50.00

1Q/  1 Question Email Reading

A general reading via email where the focus is just on one question and will be emailed back to you.

Cost $30.00

2/  6 Question Email Reading and yearly predictions

A forecast for the year that lays ahead with up to 6 questions and any other information that comes through given, this is done via email.

Cost $80.00

3/ Lost Item Reading

A description of the lost item and last place and time you recall seeing it will be need to be emailed.

Cost $30.00

4/  Messenger Reading

A general reading via online chat for an hour (60 minutes).

Cost $80.00

5/  Yearly Subscription

This will give you a 3 question email reading every month with Vicki, so 12 readings a year.

And each quarter (end March, June, Sept, Dec) there will be a messenger appointment where we will connect and chat for an hour with any issues you find that need discussing. The monthly subscription you will pay is $49.95 coming out on the 20th of each month through PayPal.

Cost $49.95 per calendar month.


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You can also purchase a reading to be given as a gift for someone's birthday.  I will still need you to email me a photo of the receiver of the reading and their details.

I can email the reading directly to the recipient with a birthday message attached.  Just purchase one of the readings below and let me know when emailing me that it will be a birthday present.  Or I can email a gift certificate for you to print out and give as a gift.