“I just wanted to thank Vicki for always responding with her readings, advice and thoughtful messages so quickly.  Vicki always has many people to attend to, but always makes me feel very important when she writes back to me.  Her readings are very thoughtful and have given me hope and direction.  It’s always refreshing to see an email from Vicki in my inbox" Victoria

“Vicki is amazing and has predicted so many things for me. She is such a beautiful soul and has no judgement. I love going to her for guidance for my family and I. Thank you Vicki for all the amazing readings you have done for myself!” Channae

“Fast service.. A beautiful caring lady ..thank you spot on with the now cannot wait for the other things to unfold when they are meant too” Paula

“After receiving my first reading from Vicki, the things she mentioned were very accurate. I needed her help weeks later in finding my missing cat. I am very grateful to Vicki for her help, letting me know what she sees and what I need to look for and most importantly letting me know she is still alive. We found our girl a week later and I couldn't recommend Vicki anymore”. Ebony

“WOW what a fantastic lady you are! Vicki gives the most beautiful readings and is so compassionate & caring when doing so. Its not often that you would come across such a genuine person in her line of work. I cant speak her praises high enough. I would encourage everyone who has questions about past or present to connect with Vicki because it is truly a wonderful experience :-) Check out Vickis website where you can purchase a reading at the click of a button. I was blown away by how affordable they were too. 10/10 “ Sinead 

“Vicki helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life, when my marriage broke down last year.  If not for her guidance and amazing support, I am not sure I would have survived.  Her readings were spot on (although it was not always what I wanted to hear) and I am forever grateful" Lisa T

“When my grandmother passed away, I felt a great loss in my life, and had nowhere to turn. Vicki was able to identify her correct cause of death, as well as bring me a message through from my grandmother. Since that reading, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, everything Vicki has said, was either true, or has come true since. She is truly a gifted lady with a kind soul.” Natalie

“We are return customers of Vicki’s and have always been more than happy with her quick response and great readings. Vicki is a lovely caring lady who has done a couple of readings for us and has been very accurate with many things she’s mentioned. Also some predictions she’s mentioned for the future have occured and have been exact, right down to the month she said they would. We are excited to see if more future predictions she’s mentioned will also happen and we will definitely be back for more readings in the future. We highly recommend this very accurate, caring, professional lady for a reading.” Sharyn and Dave

“Quite a remarkable distance reading from a photo as our current dilemma seemed to come through quite clearly - I ready for retirement and my husband unable to grasp it yet. Other unusual statements by Vicki have turned out to be spot on - unknown to us until we checked back into family records afterwards. Vicki also said we were about to travel North then South and we did. Totally unplanned due to a death. Pretty credible stuff. We would recommend a reading to anyone who is looking for some guidance or just some insight if you are a like minded person and know this really does work. Spirit is always trying to give us any help when needed if we just ask for it from any quarter with which we feel completely comfortable.” Meriem

“A wonderful thoughtful, caring, accurate reading which filled me with hope and guided reassurance at a time of a little turmoil in my life. I had my first reading with Vicki 9 months ago... and I still refer to it in amazement.” Kirsten

“Vicki is amazing - having recently lost my husband, I was looking for signs of him being around and some guidance in my life decisions. Most of the information Vicki gave me applied to the present and was relevant to my situation. Some I could see happening in the near future. Vicki made me cry and smile at the same time - it was incredible. I can’t thank vicki enough for her understanding and compassion”. Sue

“I have known Vicki for 25 years. She is a genuine and honest friend who I can rely upon whenever I need her. One day while my family were visiting, she asked me if I would like a drawing of one of the spirits who she said always seemed to be around me. I agreed. When I received the drawing, I was shocked. Pictured was a very good friend who I went to school with and also worked with, who had died as a result of a car accident, aged only 18. It was a very good likeness with his square hair cut and mono-brow. Not a picture which could have been interpreted as an average looking guy. It blew me away. I had never mentioned him to her!” Janice

My reading from Vicki made me realise things about myself that I had never admitted to before. It helped me to slow down in life and enjoy what I have now rather than racing to get to the future and passing the moment by. I have also passed Vicki’s details onto many friends who couldn’t believe how right she was in so many area’s of their life. Cindy

I have had several readings and find they are very accurate and reassuring. Closure and acceptance have been easier after the readings. Elizabeth

I have found your readings so helpful. Although my reading has only been very recent, I feel it have put me on the right path to finding happiness in my life. I feel as though i have reached a 'turning point' and look forward to the opportunities that will come my way. I am so greatful to you Vicki, i needed your guidance at a time when i couldn't see my way forward clearly. Thank you. Katie

Just over a year ago I decided I wanted a reading as I had some major things going on in my life, a very sick mother, two young children and a other issues and questions that would not leave me alone. I chose Vicki as soon as I saw her photo and immediately thought she was perfect for me, her lovely smiling face reflected exactly what I was after, a down to earth reading that was easy to follow, full of warmth and love and honesty. My reading (and the several I had after that!) gave me so much comfort and put me right on track. Thank you Vicki! Jane

Vicki's online readings were highly recommended to me by a friend. I was unsure if a reading would "work" without meeting in person. The reading I received from Vicki was so amazing I even showed my husband who is a complete skeptic, I usually don't tell him if I've had a reading but this one I just had to. He was also amazed, in fact he was speechless. Sonya

"Over the years I have had several wonderful and helpful readings from Vicki. She always answers questions clearly and gives you insight and guidance when needed. She is compassionate and giving soul and I cannot recommend her enough" Sarah